Scuse Me: Tril-O-G [coming s👀n]

Beema Monroe Flow

Don't mistake the sexy Beema Monroe flow. In this 'grown woman' vibe, she may sing, or flow real seductively. .. or both.

Beema Mthree Flow

This that gangsta flow.. that Beema Mthree don't take no shit. In this vibe, she say what she mean, and mean what she say.. . minus all sugarcoat.. straight pressure. 

Beema Del'Fuego Flow

Yup, this flow is hotter than tamales, a straight "turn-on". Imagine a supermodel spitting some serious in-depth knowledge. .. beauty AND brains.. YIKES! 

Beema Jetski Flow

In this vibe, Beema straight slide the beat. More laid back than her other flows, but don't get it tangled nor twisted.. . them Jetskees coming out & the flow gone be 'wettt'.