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Embrace Your Passion

Respect the integrity of music.  .. various genres. . . Various skill-levels.

Live Life in Song

Music is a universal language.  .. Speak. Understand. Share.

Be Inspired By Everything

Don't take one moment for granted! Dare to be GREAT! Live + Learn + Love = Growth × Wisdom 

Boss Baby Records


Trust me, you do not want to sleep on Ms. Beema's next mixtape/album, video, collaboration, or performance! Her projects and appearances are always surrounded by a halo of highly contagious energy.. .


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Beema Monroe- Switch It Up

Be YOU! Do YOU! #Unique ~BossBabees

Beema Monroe- They Don't Care

From my hood to your hood, our struggles are similar. We have way more in common than in difference.  .. let's unite for justice & peace


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